Publications and Preprints

Differential tissue deformability underlies shape divergence of the embryonic brain and spinal cord under fluid pressure
S.B.P. McLaren, S. Xue, S. Ding, A. Winkel, O. Baldwin, S. Dwarakacherla, K. Franze, E. Hannezo, F. Xiong
bioRxiv, 2024

Imperceptible augmentation of living systems with organic bioelectronic fibres
Wenyu Wang, Yifei Pan, Yuan Shui, Tawfique Hasan, Iek Man Lei, Stanley Gong Sheng Ka, Thierry Savin, Santiago Velasco-Bosom, Yang Cao, Susannah B. P. McLaren, Yuze Cao, Fengzhu Xiong, George G. Malliaras, Yan Yan Shery Huang
Nature Electronics, 2024

Lumen pressure modulation in chicken embryos
S. B. P. McLaren and F. Xiong
bioRxiv, 2023

Anterior expansion and posterior addition to the notochord mechanically coordinate zebrafish embryo axis elongation
S. B. P. McLaren and B. Steventon
Development, 2021

The Role of Mitotic Cell-Substrate Adhesion Re-modelling in Animal Cell Division
C. Dix, H. K. Matthews, M. Uroz, S. McLaren, L. Wolf, N. Heatley, Z. Win, P. Almada, R. Henriques, M. Boutros, X. Trepat, B. Baum
Developmental Cell, 2018